Winter is a natural phenomenon that happens on Earth every year

People have been documenting and observing the changes of winter since the Stone Age.

Winter is a time when animals hibernate, grow new foliage and reproduce. In modern times, winter has become an occasion for people to enjoy the outdoors; for example, skiing or snowboarding.

In recent years, climate change has made winter more severe and longer lasting in many regions of the world.

Winter is a cold season that covers most of the Earth. It usually starts in December and ends in March. It is known for snow, frost, cold temperatures, and ice.

Winter is one of the coldest seasons on Earth. The air temperature drops below freezing point in many areas. Some parts of North America have colder winter temperatures than others, but all climates experience winter to some degree.

There are two types of winters: temperate and polar. Temperate winters are found everywhere except the polar regions like Antarctica or Greenland where it is always summertime

When winter comes, it brings the cold weather, the snow and the ice. But despite all the bad things about winter, there are some good things about it. It is a time for hibernation, resting and spending time with friends.

Winter is a good time to enjoy activities that are fun and might be challenging during other seasons such as snowshoeing or ice skating.